Revival Services

Revival Services will be held March 17th through March 20, 2011.

Services and Times

Sun AM - The Priceless Treasure - Matt. 13:44-46
Sun PM - Ye Who are Dead, Come Forth - John 11:1-44
Mon - Fishers of Men - Matt 4:12-22.
Tues - How to Overcome Temptation - Luke 4:1-15.
Wed - The Lukewarm Church - Rev. 3:14-22

Services will be led by Paul Schildt. Paul was called to the ministry in December 1988, in the Upper Conewago COB, East Berlin and currently serves there in the plural ministry as the Assistant Moderator.

He also currently serves as a committee member on the Brethren Revival Fellowship and the Board of Directors of Cross Keys Village, The Brethren Home Community, New Oxford, PA.